" The reason why I created Akhal "

We have the chance to meet some of you during exhibitions, competitions, or even at the office (yes yes, Trojan customers have the chance to pick up their order in our offices and with a small coffee!), and many of you have been asking us for 3 years now this famous question: "but how did you come up with the idea of creating Akhal?".
So to start this new year together, I decided to confide in myself and answer above all "why did you create Akhal? Because it is probably this "why" that makes the most sense to me.


" The reason why I created Akhal "
" The reason why I created Akhal "

At the end of my studies I began to wonder about the way I eat, drink and take care of myself. I was an athlete and my body sometimes suffered from my lack of seriousness about these subjects, so it was quite natural that I paid attention to them. Of course, as a rider, I also tried to make these changes in my sport and in the care of the horses. I was quickly frustrated by the lack of possibilities in the field of natural preventive equipment. And it was from this frustration that the Akhal adventure began. The initial commitment was simple and has remained the same: to offer horses and their owners products that are both technical and ergonomic based on natural well-being.

And because I love challenges, I chose to set up a French manufacturing company. Originally from Troyes (a town specialising in textiles), I set up Akhal there and worked in collaboration with local workshops. It is true that such choices have a cost, but a fair cost that allows us to be proud of the quality and efficiency of our products. At our level we also participate in maintaining and promoting local employment. We work in close collaboration with the workshops that take part in our developments and help us to find solutions to gain in ergonomics, lightness and comfort.


Today, I have the chance to share this commitment with a team of different and wonderful people who have appropriated these values and share them in turn. When I say team I also mean our suppliers, our customers, our readers and all the people who follow us and encourage us to continue, to develop other products; because yes horses have the right to natural and effective products, because no textile products made in France are not dead and because we can make an idea into a great adventure.

Now you know the commitment that has driven us to work hard for several years: for the health and well-being of your horses, to offer you quality products.

Akhal is a story of horses and people.

Aurélie - founder of Akhal